Kachidoki Maru Class Auxiliary Transport


Completed as WOLVERINE STATE for the U.S. Shipping Board. Served on Pacific coast/east coast of South America routes. Transferred to Dollar Steamship Lines in '23. Sold to Dollar Lines in '26. Transferred to American President Lines in '38. In Dec '40, sold to American President Lines and renamed PRESIDENT HARRISON. In Dec '41, chartered by USN to remove men of 4th Marines and USN from Shanghai. Captured by Japanese off the Yangtze River, 9 Dec '41. Renamed KAKKO MARU and later KACHIDOKI MARU. Sunk by an American submarine E of Formosa in Sep '44.

Builder and
Year Completed:
New York Shipbuilding Co., Camden, New Jersey.
Gross tonnage: 10,533-tons.
Dimensions: 522.8' (LOA), 502' (LPP), x 62 x 32.3
Propulsion: Two 4-cylinder triple expansion steam engines, 6 Scotch marine tube boilers, 3500 HP, two screws.
Speed: 14 knots.
Armament: Unknown