(ISUZU MARU, prewar)

Tabular Record of Movement

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15 October 1938:
Tsurumi. Laid down at Tetsu Zosen K. K. as Yard No. 380, a 2,866-ton cargo ship for Hinode Kisen K. K., Tokyo.

4 May 1939:
Launched and named named ISUZU MARU.

25 July 1939:

3 October 1941:
Requisitoned by the Imperial Army (IJA). Allotted IJA No. 577.

19 July 1942:
ISUZU MARU departs Takao in convoy No. 236 also consisting of GENOA, KENZAN and KUNISHIMA MARUs and sixteen unidentified merchant ships escorted by auxiliary gunboat DELHI MARU.

July 1942:
Arrives at Mako, Pescadores and then departs for Yokosuka.

26 July 1942:
Arrives at Yokosuka.

15 June 1943:
At 0650, ISUZU MARU departs Sasebo in convoy No. 166 also consisting of transports CEYLON, NORFOLK, SHOGEN and TAIAN MARUs and oilers CHIYODA, CHIHAYA GOYO, HAKKO, KIYO, NICHIRIN and TACHIBANA MARUs escorted by patrol boat PB-36.

18 June 1943:
At 1000, TAIAN MARU is detached for Kirun (Keelung), Formosa.

19 June 1943:
Arrives at Mako, Pescadores.

20 June 1943:
At 1400, arrives at Takao, Formosa.

25 June 1943:
ISUZU MARU departs Takao in convoy No. 757 also consisting of TAIFUKU and TEIHOKU (ex-Vichy French PIERRE L.D) MARUs without escort.

28 June 1943:
Arrives at Manila.

1 July 1943:
Departs Manila for Cebu, Philippines.

2 July 1943:
Off Marinduque Island. At 0503, LtCdr (KIA) Albert H. Clark’s (USNA ‘33) USS TROUT (SS-202)(lost 2/29/44) fires four torpedoes and gets two hits that blow the bow off SUZU MARU. She sinks at 13-45N, 121-50E. Four gunners and five crewmen are KIA.

Author’s Notes:
Thanks go to Erich Muetlthaler of Germany and Fontessa-san of Japan.

Bob Hackett

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