Indus Maru Class Auxiliary Transport

(Sister SURABAYA MARU, prewar)

2014 Bob Hackett

INDUS MARU was completed in 1918 by Osaka Machinery Works Innoshima plant (Hiroshima) for Osaka Merchant Marine Co., Ltd. (OSK) as a 4,366-ton cargo ship for service on OSK's routes. In May '43, INDUS MARU was torpedoed and sunk by an American submarine.

INDUS MARU's sisters were GANGES, SURABAYA, BATAVIA and HOKURYU MARUs. HOKURYU MARU was lost due to a storm in '44. All the others were sunk by American submarines.

Builder and
Years Completed:
Osaka Machinery Works plant Innoshima plant (Hiroshima)
Gross tonnage: 5, 4,366-4,393 tons.
Dimensions: 345' (BPP) x 49.1 x 28.2
Propulsion: 2 triple expansion steam engines, 3,127IHP
Speed: 10.5/13.25 knots
Armament: Unknown AP.