IKUTAGAWA MARU- Class Auxiliary storeship

completed in 1937 for Regia Azienda Monopolio Banane (R.A.M.B.)(Royal Banana Monopoly Company). In 1940, RAMB II was requisitioned by the Regia Marina (Italian Navy) and converted to an auxiliary cruiser. In 1941 she was renamed CALITEA II. In 1942, chartered to the IJN in accordance with the Tripartite Pact and served as an auxiliary stores ship. In 1943, she was renamed IKUTAGAWA MARU. In 1945, she was bombed and sunk by an American aircraft off southeastern Vichy French Indochina.

(IKUTAGAWA MARU former RAMB II in 1937)

This class consists of IKUTAGAWA MARU (ex-RAMB II.)

Builder and Year Completed: Monfalcone, Italy. CRDA, Cantieri Riuniti dell' Adriatico, (Reunited Yards of the Adriatic)
Gross tonnage: 3,677-tons
Dimensions: 388.2' x 49.9' x 24.3'
Propulsion: diesel engines, 2 shafts. Speed: 18.5 knots