IKUTA MARU Class Auxiliary Transports

(IKUTA MARU prewar)

This class consists of IKUTA, TAIKO, NAGATA, SENYO, MANYO, OKUYO, TSUNESHIMA and YAMADORI MARUs completed between Dec '36 and Jun '41 for various shipping companies. All were requisitioned by the IJN. TSUNESHIMA MARU was a general transport. YAMADORI MARU was converted to an auxiliary transport. All others were converted to auxiliary gunboats, NAGATA MARU being re-rated an auxiliary transport in Jul '42. All were sunk between Aug '42 and Jul '45 from various causes.

Builder and Year Completed: Yokohama. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries K.K. shipyard, 1936 -1941
Gross tonnage: 2,904-2,969-tons
Dimensions: 359.3' Lpp x 49.2' x 28.9'
Propulsion: One reciprocating triple expansion engine, 1 shaft, 1,800 n.h.p.
Speed: 12 cruising, 14 max.
Armament: One 20cm/12 deck gun, four 12cm/45 deck guns, one Type 93 twin 13mm MG, one 7.7mm MG, 14 Type 38 Arisaka rifles, 12 DCs, two DC throwers, two DC stern racks, one 75cm searchlight, one 2.5m rangefinder, one hydrophone, one minesweeping device, two paravanes.