Hoyo Maru Class Auxiliary Oiler

In 1940, merchant tanker HOYO MARU was requisitioned by the IJN and ordered converted to an auxiliary oiler. Her only sister was KAIJO MARU No. 2 GO. HOYO MARU was sunk at Truk by Task Force 38's carrier aircraft in Feb '44. KAIJO MARU No. 2 GO was sunk near Truk by an American submarine in Mar '42.

Builder and
Years Completed:
Mitsubishi, Yokohama
1936, 1937
Gross tonnage: 8,691-tons.
Dimensions: 475 x 61' x 30'
Propulsion: 1 Kawasaki (MAN-type) diesel engine, 1,163 n.h.p, 1 shaft, maximum speed 16.1 knots.
Oil Cargo Capacity: 95,000 barrels @ 42 gals/barrel
or approx. 12,960-tons of crude oil
@7.33 barrels per metric ton
Armament: 2 x 80-mm (3.15 inch) guns.