(HOKKI MARU in 1931)

Tabular Record of Movement

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Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, Great Britain. Laid down at Palmer´s Shipbuilding & Iron Co. Ltd. as a 5,601-ton World War I Standard War “Z” Class tanker for Britain's Shipping Controller.

Launched and named WAR BEGUM.

Completed. Managed by British Tanker Co.

Sold to Anglo-Saxon Petroleum Co, London.

Renamed CONUS, same owner.

Sold to D/S A/S Jolund (S. Herlofson & Co.), Moss, Norway. Renamed HERBORG.

Sold to Tonnevolds Rederi A/S, Grimstad; Renamed THELMA.

Sold to Wheelock & Co, Singapore. Renamed WAR BEGUM again.

Sold to Kitagawa Sangyo Kaiun K.K. of Osaka. Renamed HOKKI MARU.

E October 1941:
Requisitioned by the IJA. Assigned Army No. 751.

6 December 1941:
At 1430 arrives at Sana (Samah), Hainan, Island.

2 January 1942:
HOKKI MARU departs Sana in a convoy also consisting of FUKKAI MARU and small tanker TAKATORI MARU No. 2.

23 May 1943:
HOKKI MARU departs Singapore in Convoy No. 692 also consisting of SUEZ and TACHIBANA MARUs unescorted.

27 May 1943:
At 1300, arrives at St Jacques.

3 October 1943:
HOKKI MARU departs Moji in convoy No. 103 also consisting of tanker KIYO MARU and transports COLUMBIA, HAKKO, HOKUSHIN and MINRYO MARUs and six unidentified merchant ships. after departing port, the convoy splits into two parts. Destroyer ASAGAO escorts one part escorting and destroyer SHIOKAZE, that joins from Sasebo, escorts the other. It is unknown in which part HOKKI MARU steams.

7 October 1943:
The first part arrives at Takao.

8 October 1943:
The second part arrives at Takao. 1944:
At an unknown date, HOKKI MARU is released by the IJA and returned to her owners.

5 September 1944:
At 1300, HOKKI MARU departs Singapore for Miri, Borneo in convoy SHIMI-10 also consisting of IMAHARU (ex-dutch De KLERK), KYOEI, OMINE, SHIKISAN, SHOEI, TATSUHARU, TENSHIN and URAL MARUs and SHINSEI MARU No. 1, KYOEI MARU No. 6 and NANSHIN MARU No. 18 escorted by auxiliary minesweepers CHOUN MARU No. 6 and CHOUN MARU No. 7 and auxiliary minesweeper TOSHI MARU No. 2.

8 September 1944:
At 0530, arrives at Kuching, Borneo.

9 September 1944:
Departs at midnight.

11 September 1944:
At 1230, arrives at Miri.

15 September 1944:
At 1500, HOKKI MARU departs Miri for Manila, Philippines in convoy MIMA-11 (also called MI-16) also consisting of fleet oiler KAMOI and IMAHARU (ex-Dutch De KLERK), KYOEI, KYOKUHO, OMINE, SHIKISAN, SHOEI, TACHIBANA, TATSUHARU, TENSHIN, URAL and ZUIYO, MARUs and SHINSEI MARU No. 1, YAMAMIZU MARU No. 2 and KYOEI MARU No. 6 escorted by kaibokan CD-8, CD-25 and CD-32 and subchaser CH-28. The convoy hugs the coast calling at various small anchorages.

27 September 1944:
At 0807, Cdr (later Rear Admiral) Reuben T. Whitaker's (USNA '34) USS FLASHER (SS-249) torpedoes and sinks transport URAL MARU with the loss of 40 crewmen, five gunners and 144 passengers, and damages tanker TACHIBANA MARU at 15-45'N, 117-20E.

At 1007, LtCdr Donald G. Baer's (USNA '37) USS LAPON (SS-260) fires three torpedoes at the fourth ship in line and gets two or three hits on HOKKI MARU at 15-45N, 117-48E. She catches fire and is abandoned. OMINE MARU takes her in tow, but HOKKI MARU sinks at 15-50N, 117-41E. Two crewmen are KIA.

The escorts counterattack LAPON with depth charges, but LtCdr Baer evades and escapes.

Author's Notes:
[1] Data detailing HOKKI MARU's movements from 1941 through most of 1944 are sparse. Readers with access to such missing data are requested to post the information on the Discussion and Questions board or j-aircraft.org's IJN Ship Message Board

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