HOKI MARU - Class Auxiliary Transport

(HAURAKI later HOKI MARU, prewar)

HOKI MARU was completed as HAURAKI in 1922 for Union SS Co. of New Zealand, London as an early motorship. Requisitioned in 1940 by the British Ministry of War as a general transport. Captured in Jul ‘42 by the Japanese and renamed HOKI MARU in Sep ‘42. Registered in the IJN in Dec ’42 as an auxiliary transport. Bombed and sunk at Truk Atoll by USN aircraft in Feb ’44 during Operation “Hailstone”.

Builder and Year Completed: Dumbarton, Scotland. William Denny & Brothers Ltd.
Gross tonnage: 7,113-tons.
Dimensions: 450.3' (Lpp) x 58.2' x 31.4'
Propulsion: Two diesel engines, two shafts, 1,085 nhp.
Speed: Cruising: 13 knots – Max: unknown.
Armament: Unknown