(HISHI MARU No. 2 prewar )

Tabular Record of Movement

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10 August 1935:
Kobe. Laid down at Mitsubishi Shipbuilding as an 856-ton tanker for Ogimachi Tanker K.K., Kobe.

30 November 1935:
Launched and named HISHI MARU No. 2.

1 February 1936:

In service transporting gasoline on Ogimachi Tanker's Kawasaki-Tientsin route.

9 September 1941:
Requisitioned and registered in the at Kure Naval District as a special transport ship (oiler).

21 October 1941:
Conversion to a Navy refueling ship is completed.

1 November 1941:
Assigned to the Combined Fleet Supply Force.

2 December 1941:
Departs Tokuyama Naval Fuel Depot.

8 December 1941:
Arrives at Palau.

9 December 1941: Operation "M" - The Attack on the Southern Philippines:
Assigned to participate in refueling operations supporting Vice Admiral Takahashi Ibo's (36) (former CO of YAMASHIRO) Third Fleet, Southern Force, Seizure Force’s planned landings at Davao, Philippines.

29 December 1941:
Departs Palau.

8 January 1942:
Arrives at Camranh Bay, French Indochina.

9 March 1942:
departs Saigon for Singapore.

1 April 1942:
Assigned to participate in refueling operations supporting the Gilberts Islands' Ocean-Nauru Island invasion force.

23 April 1942:
Arrives at Kure. Fitted with a short-barreled 80-mm gun.

17 May 1942: Operation "AL" - The Occupation of the Western Aleutians:
Assigned to participate in refueling operations supporting the invasion of the Western Aleutians.

20 May 1942:
At 0700 arrives at Ominato.

23 May 1942:
At 1200 departs Ominato.

26 May 1942:
At 0600 arrives at Kure.

29 May 1942:
At 2000 departs Kure.

6 June 1942:
Arrives at Kakumabetsu, Paramushiro, Kuriles.

8 June - 17 August 1942:
Base Air Force, Kiska, Aleutians. HISHI MARU No. 2 supports Cdr (later Captain) Ito Sukemitsu’s (51) Toko Naval Air Group’s six-plane detachment of Type 97 Kawanishi H6K Mavis flying boats.

12 June 1942:
At 1000 arrives at Kiska.

21 June 1942:
Arrives at Attu, Aleutians.

11 August 1942:
Reassigned to the Rabaul-Buin-Shortland supply force.

6 September 1942:
Arrives at Kure.

4 October 1942:
Departs Kure.

1 December 1942:
Captain Noma Tunetaro is appointed CO.

11 December 1942:
Departs Balikpapan in a convoy with KYOEI MARU escorted by auxiliary KEINAN MARU No. 7. At 1630, KEINAN MARU No. 7 is detached.

12 December 1942:
At 1000 auxiliary subchaser SHONAN MARU joins as escort.

13 December 1942:
Arrives at Macassar.

14 December 1942:
Departs Macassar with auxiliary subchaser SHONAN MARU still as escort. At 2200, SHONAN MARU is detached.

16 December 1942:
At 1700, KYOEI MARU is detached.

30 December 1942:
Arrives at Kavieng. Refuels auxiliary minesweeper FUMI MARU No. 2.

15 February 1943:
HISHI MARU No. 2 engages in supplying aviation gasoline in the Central Solomons/New Guinea area.

26 February 1943:
Departs Truk in a convoy with oiler TSURUMI escorted by subchaser CH-10.

7 March 1943:
Departs Davao for Balikpapan, Borneo.

13 March 1943:
Arrives at Palembang.

14 March 1943:
Arrives at Balikpapan.

30 March 1943:
An unknown officer is appointed CO.

9 April 1943:
At 1400, HISHI MARU No. 2 departs Rabaul in a convoy consisting of tankers KYOEI MARU and cargo ships KOAN and HARUNA MARUs escorted by subchaser CH-37.

10 April 1943:
CH-37 detaches and returns to Rabaul.

13 April 1943:
Two destroyers arrive as escort

14 April 1943:
At 1040, arrives at Truk, Carolines.

2 May 1943:
HISHI MARU No. 2 and cargo-passenger ship SEIA MARU arrive at Kwajalein escorted by submarine chaser CH-32.

4 May 1943:
At 1400, arrives at Emidj Atoll, Marshalls.

8 July 1943:
At 0600 departs Jaluit in a convoy also consisting of water supply ship TATEYAMA MARU escorted by auxiliary minelayer now sub chaser SHONAN MARU No. 3 and auxiliary submarine chaser SHONAN MARU No. 11.

10 July 1943:
Arrives at Tarawa, Gilberts.

9 August 1943:
HISHI MARU No.2 departs Kwajalein in convoy No. 6093 also consisting of KENAN and KAIKO MARUs escorted by the auxiliary gunboat CHOAN MARU No. 2 GO.

14 August 1943:
Arrives at Truk.

15 August 1943:
Departs Truk in a convoy also consisting of storeships KITAKAMI MARU and KOSOKU MARU No. 3 escorted by minesweeper W-15.

19 August 1943:
Arrives at Saipan.

21 August 1943:
Ownership of HISHI MARU No. 2 is transferred to Mitsubishi Oil Co., Ltd. Departs Saipan in the same convoy.

28 August 1943:
Arrives at Kure.

4 September 1943:
Arrives at Innoshima Dockyard. Undergoes repairs.

September 1943:
Captain Kitagawa Katsutaka is appointed CO.

5 October 1943:
Repairs are completed. Returns to Kure the same day.

15 October 1943:
Departs Kure and arrives Saeki the same day.

20 October 1943:
At 0500, HISHI MARU No. 2 departs Saeki in convoy O-010 consisting of cargo ships NIKKI, CHOSEN, SHICHISEI, TESHIO, RYUWA, SHINYU, GOSEI and KIZUGAWA MARUs and SHINSEI MARU No. 5 escorted by torpedo boat SAGI and auxiliary minesweepers AOI MARU, YACHIYO MARU and TOKUHO MARU No. 10.

E 22 October 1943:
All the escorts, except SAGI, are detached at 30N.

29 October 1943:
At 1800, arrives at Palau.

1 December 1943:
Owner is restyled as Mitsubishi Kisen, K.K. Departs Palau in convoy No. 8012 also consisting of oiler SHINSHU MARU escorted by submarine chaser CH-28.

7 December 1943:
At 2210, arrives at Truk's north channel with oiler SHINSHU MARU escorted by subchaser CH-28.

12 February 1944:
HISHI MARU No. 2 departs Truk in convoy No. 7125 consisting of oilers SATA, ammunition ship NICHIRO MARU and cargo ships KAMIKAZE and KITAGAMI MARUs escorted by destroyer HAMANAMI, subchaser CH-30 and auxiliary subchasers TAKUNAN MARU No. 2 and SHONAN MARU No. 5.

17 February 1944:
150 miles NE of Palau. At about 2200, LtCdr Philip W. Garnett's (USNA ’33) USS SARGO (SS-188) intercepts the convoy. He fires eight torpedoes at oiler SATA by moonlight in a surface attack at 08-50N, 135-50E. Garnett gets only one hit, but it disables SATA. At 2206, he fires two torpedoes that hit ammunition ship NICHIRO MARU. She explodes and sinks immediately taking down 53 crewmen.

19 February 1944:
At 0905, arrives at Palau.

21 February 1944:
Departs Palau in convoy with tanker IRO and possibly others.

24 February 1944:
Arrives at Tarakan. Loads a full cargo of gasoline.

4 March 1944:
Departs Tarakan.

6 March 1944:
Arrives at Balikpapan.

15 March 1944:
At 0730, HISHI MARU No. 2 departs Balikpapan for Palau in convoy O-507 consisting of three echelons escorted by destroyers HARUSAME and SHIRATSUYU, patrol boat PB-36, subchaser CH-6 and auxiliary subchaser CHa-52. The first echelon consists of fleet oilers IRO and tankers NAGISAN MARU and HISHI MARU No. 2. The second echelon consists of fleet oiler TSURUMI, tanker KYOEI MARU and cargo ship RAIZAN MARU and the third echelon consists only of cargo ship HOKUTAI MARU.

16 March 1944:
At 1530, destroyer MICHISHIO joins the convoy and the other escorts, except PB-36 escorting IRO, depart.

20 March 1944:
At 0910, auxiliary subchasers CHa-51 and CHa-53 join the escort.

22 March 1944:
LtCdr (later Cdr) John A. Scott's (USNA ’28) USS TUNNY (SS-282) SJ radar picks up a large convoy. At daybreak, Scott is maneuvering to gain an attack position when his radar picks up a destroyer at 14,000 yards. The destroyer sights the submarine and challenges USS TUNNY with a blinker. Scott ducks into a nearby rain squall and continues to close on the surface in conditions of poor visibility. Through the haze, he makes out a group of oilers and cargo ships.

Scott sets up and fires a full bow spread of six-torpedoes at two cargo ships at 07-22N, 132-08E. He and his crew see and hear hits on both, but suddenly, a small oiler, probably KYOEI MARU, appears out of the gloom and almost collides with USS TUNNY.

Scott sets up on destroyer MICHISHIO moving at high speed across USS TUNNY’s stern. He fires four Mark-18 electric torpedoes, then crash dives as depth charges from a trawler explode on his port quarter. During the next four hours, IRO is hit in the bow, forward of the bulkheads. The Japanese drop 87 depth charges on USS TUNNY, but without effect.

23 March 1944:
At 1800, arrives at Palau.

30 March 1944: American Operation “Desecrate One” :
Palau. The anchorage is attacked by F6F "Hellcats", SBD "Dauntless", TBF "Avenger" and SB2C "Helldivers" of Task Group 58. 1's USS ENTERPRISE (CV-6), USS BELLEAU WOOD (CVL-24) and USS COWPENS (CVL-25), TG 58. 2's USS BUNKER HILL (CV-17), USS HORNET (CV-12), USS MONTEREY (CV-26) and USS CABOT (CVL-28) and TG 58. 3's USS YORKTOWN (CV-10), USS LEXINGTON (CV-16), USS PRINCETON (CVL-23) and USS LANGLEY (CVL-27).

TG 58’s planes sink many ships and damage HISHI MARU No. 2, subchaser CH-35, netlayer SHOSEI MARU and army cargo ship HOKUTAI MARU at 07-30N, 134-30E.

30 April 1944:
Departs Palau.

2 May 1944:
Arrives at Davao, Philippines.

11 May 1944:
Departs Davao.

14 May 1944:
Arrives at Bangao.

18 May 1944:
Departs Bangao.

19 May 1944:
Arrives at Tarakan, Borneo.

20 May 1944:
Ownership transfers to Kinkai Yusosen, K.K.

27 May 1944:
Departs Tarakan.

29 May 1944:
Arrives at Balikpapan. Later, arrives at Surabaya for repairs.

5 June 1944:
Sulu Sea. N end of Sibutu Passage, off Tawitawi, Philippines. LtCdr Frank G. Selby’s USS PUFFER (SS-268) attacks the Takasaki convoy of allegedly three tankers. Selby torpedoes and sinks both ASHIZURI (casualties unknown) and TAKASAKI (casualties unknown) at 06-33N, 122-55E. OKIKAWA MARU and destroyer SATSUKI that are actually separate from the Takasaki convoy escape damage. USS PUFFER also torpedoes and damages HISHI MARU No. 2 at 06-44N, 120-54E.

26 June 1944:
At 1300, HISHI MARU No. 2 departs Surabaya for Kotabaru, Borneo in a convoy consisting of TAI MARU, TORA MARU No. 1 and oilers ENOSHIMA and YOSEI MARUs escorted by minesweeper W-11. At 2039, anchors at Menpa before proceeding.

28 June 1944:
At 0915, YOSEI MARU incurs engine trouble and straggles.

29 June 1944:
At 2003, reaches mouth of Laut River.

30 June 1944:
Arrives at Kotabaru, N Laut Island. Steams on to Balikpapan, loads gasoline and departs for Manila, Tawi Tawi and Davao.

11 July 1944:
At the Berouw River mouth. ANKO and TATSUMATSU MARUs and tanker HISHI MARU No. 2 join a convoy consisting of MANEI, EIHO and YUHO MARUs, and TSURUMI escorted by kaibokan KANJU and MIYAKE and submarine chasers CH-38, CH-49 and CH-58.

12 July 1944:
Departs the Berouw River mouth. Later that day, anchors off Tarakan.

13 July 1944:
Departs Tarakan. Arrives at the Ligitan Channel.

14 July 1944:
Departs the Ligitan Channel. Later that day, arrives at Tawi Tawi.

15 July 1944:
Departs Tawi Tawi. Later that day, arrives at Jolo, Philippines. TSURUMI, TATSUMATSU and ANKO MARUs and HISHI MARU No. 2 are detached.

18 July 1944:
At 0541 departs Zamboanga in a convoy also consisting of tanker escorted by minesweeper W-30, submarine chasers CH-49 and CH-58 and auxiliary netlayer TOKO MARU No 1 GO. At 1925 arrives at Malusu Bay, Basilan Island.

19 July 1944:
At 0600 departs Malusu Bay and at 1832 arrives at Lebak Bay.

20 July 1944:
At 0552 departs Lebak Bay and at 1653 arrives at Glan.

21 July 1944:
At 0457 departs Glan and at 1905 arrives at Malalag.

22 July 1944:
At 0624 departs Malalag and at 1048 arrives at Davao.

25 July 1944:
At 0155, HISHI MARU No. 2 departs Davao for Zamboanga, Philippines in convoy Z-258 consisting of AZUCHISAN, OYO, TATSUHARU, RYUKA and KITAGAMI MARUs and KYOEI MARU No. 2 and LST No. 127 escorted with kaibokan CD-6, CD-16, minesweeper W-30, subchasers CH-49 and CH-58, auxiliary subchaser KYO MARU No. 12, auxiliary netlayer TOKACHI MARU, auxiliaries TOKO MARU and HIYODORI MARU No. 2. The convoy is provided air cover.

27 July 1944:
At about 0100, LtCdr (later Captain) Bladen D. Claggett's (USNA ’35) USS DACE (SS-247) attacks the convoy and sinks tanker KYOEI MARU No. 2 with the loss of five of her crew. At about 1400, the convoy is attacked by aircraft in the Pilas Channel, but suffers no damage. At 1830, the convoy arrives at Zamboanga.

16 August 1944:
At 0925 departs Zamboanga alone escorted by minesweeper W-30 auxiliary submarine chaser CHa-15 and KYO MARU No. 12. Between 1230 and 1330 HISHI MARU No. 2 suffers an engine breakdown.

18 August 1944:
At 1835 arrives at Malalag.

19 August 1944:
At 0553 departs Malalag and at 0922 arrives at Davao.

22 August 1944:
At 0339, HISHI MARU Maru No. 2 departs Malalag, Davao Gulf with TATEISHI MARU in convoy Z-222 escorted by minesweeper W-30, auxiliary subchaser CHa-15, KYO MARU No. 12 and auxiliary netlayer TOKACHI MARU. At 0851, the convoy is attacked by an enemy submarine, probably USS FLYING FISH (SS-229), but its three torpedoes miss. The escorts counter-attack and drop 26 depth-charges without effect. At 1819, the convoy anchors at Glan, Sarangani Bay, southern Mindanao.

23 August 1944:
At 1915, departs Sarangani Bay.

24 August 1944:
At 0304, an American plane snoops the convoy. At 0430, it attacks KYO MARU No. 12, but causes no damage. At 1915, convoy Z-222 arrives at Zamboanga, Mindanao.

1 September 1944:
Departs Zamboanga in convoy with tanker KYOEI MARU No. 3 and CAROLINE MARU escorted by minesweeper W-30. Later that day arrives at Jolo.

2 September 1944:
Departs Jolo and later that day arrives at Bongao.

3 September 1944:
Departs Bongao and later that day arrives at Trusan Ligitan.

4 September 1944:
Departs Trusan Ligitan and later that day arrives at Taraka

October 1944:
Captain Sueda Junkichi is appointed CO.

6 November 1944:
Arrives at Manila from Balikpapan with a cargo of gasoline.

8 November 1944:
At 1900, HISHI MARU No. 2 departs Manila for Balikpapan in convoy B-02 consisting of MANYO MARU and oilers and KYOEI MARU escorted by patrol boat PB-2, subchaser CH-4 and three unidentified subchasers.

9 November 1944:
Mindoro Strait. At 1530, LtCdr Frank C. Lynch's (USNA ’38) USS HADDO (SS-255) torpedoes and sinks HISHI MARU No. 2 at 12-24N 120-45E. 11 crewmen are KIA. The escorts counterattack with depth charges, but Lynch evades and escapes.

10 January 1945:
Removed from the Navy List.

Authors' Note:
Photo credit and general thanks goes to Gilbert Casse of France. Thanks also to Matthew Jones of Missisippi, USA for help in identifying COs.

- Bob Hackett and Peter Cundall.

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