Hikawa Maru No. 2 Class

(OP TEN NOORT prewar, later HIKAWA MARU NO. 2)

In 1927, the passenger-cargo ship OP TEN NOORT was completed in Holland for the Dutch Koninklijke Paketvaart Maatschappij (Royal Packet Steam Navigation Co.) and based in Java, NEI. In 1941, she was requisitioned by the RNN and converted to a hospital ship. In 1942, she was captured by the IJN and renamed TENNO MARU. In 1943, the IJN further remodelled her as a hospital ship and renamed her again as HIKAWA MARU NO. 2. At war's end, she was scuttled off Maizuru under mysterious circumstances.

Builder: Nederlandse Scheepsbouw Mij
Year Completed: 1927
Displacement: 6,067 GRT
Dimensions: Length 423.2', beam 55.7', draft 22'
Propulsion: Reciprocating engine, 2 shafts, 6000 ihp, 15.5 knots.