HARUTA MARU Class Fleet Salvage and Rescue Vessel

(Salvage tug by Takeshi Yuki scanned from "Color Paintings of Japanese Warships")

Completed as a cargo ship for the Norwegian firm Bruusgaard Kiøsteruds Skibs as SS HALLDOR, the vessel was captured by the Japanese in Hong Kong in 1941. She was converted in Japan to a specially installed rescue ship. In 1944, at Shanghai, HARUTA MARU assisted in salvage operations of the sunken Italian liner SS CONTE VERDE. In Jan '45, HARUTA MARU was bombed and sunk at Hong Kong.

Builders and Year Completed: Bygd av F. Schichau, Elbing, Germany, 1925.
Displacement: 1,515-tons.
Dimensions: 261.7'' x 40.1'' x 15.6"
Propulsion: 3 Schichau exp. engines, 2 shafts,
205 NHK.
Armament: Unknown