HARUSHIMA Class Cable-Minelaying Vessel


The HARUSHIMA-class of one unit was the former U. S. Army SPEEDWELL-class mine planter (USAMP) Col. GEORGE F. E. HARRISON. In May 42, after Corregidor and the Manila Bay forts surrendered, HARRISON was taken over by the Japanese and renamed HARUSHIMA MARU. In Oct 42, she was rated as an auxiliary cable ship. In Jul 43 she was rerated a cable ship and renamed IJN HARUSHIMA. In 44, she laid electrical cable off Honshu and conducted anti-submarine patrols. In Jul 45, she was bombed and sunk by USN carrier planes at Yokosuka Naval Base.

Builder and Year Completed: Fabricated Shipbuilding Corporation and Coddington Engineering Company, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 1919
Displacement: 1,130 tons
Dimensions: 172 x 32 x 116
Propulsion: 2 Allis Chalmers compound, inverted, reciprocating steam engines; 2 Page & Burton watertube boilers; 1,000 SHP; 2 shafts; max speed 11 knots.
Armament: None as built. WW2, unknown