HAKUSA Class Survey Vessel

HAKUSA at Shanghai in 1937

HAKUSA began her long life as a cargo ship until she was acquired by the Chinese Government in 1931. She then served as a patrol boat in the Chinese Navy until captured by the Japanese in 1937. Converted to a survey vessel, she ended the war as a transport. In Jun '45, an American submarine sank HAKUSA off Indochina.

Builder and Year Completed: W. Gray & Co., Britain, 1914
Displacement: 3,841-tons.
Dimensions: 370' x 51' x 22'7"
Propulsion: 2 three expansion stages reciprocating engines, 1-shaft 1830 ihp, 11.4 knots
Armament: 2-8cm/40cal AA guns, 1 x 7.7-mm mg