HAKONE MARU Class Auxiliary Transport

(HAKONE MARU prewar)

This class consists of HAKONE, HARUNA, HAKOZAKI and HAKUSAN MARUs all completed between Nov 21 and Sep 23 for Nippon Yusen K.K. (NYK) as refrigerated passenger/cargo ships. Placed on NYK European routes before the Pacific war, they were all requisitioned: HAKONE and HARUNA served as IJA transports, HAKUSAN and HAKOZAKI were first converted by the IJN as Harbor Affairs vessels (aka command ships) and later rerated auxiliary transports. HARUNA MARU ran aground and was lost in Jul 42. The others were bombed or torpedoed and sunk between Nov 43 and Mar 45.

Builder and Years Completed: Nagasaki. Mitsubishi Zosen K.K. shipyard
Gross tonnage: 10,380-tons to 10,423-tons
Dimensions: 520' LOA x 62' x 29.2'
Propulsion: Steam turbines, 2 shafts, 4,800 s.h.p.
Speed: 14.5 cruising, 16.5 max.
Armamentand equipment: HAKUSAN and HAKOZAKI MARUs: As Harbor Affair vessels: Two Type 3 8cm/40 HA deck guns, two Type 93 13mm MGs, one 90cm searchlight, one 2,5m rangefinder.
As auxiliary transports: One 8cm/40 deck gun, one Type 93 13mm MG, one 7.7 MG, one 90cm searchlight and depth-charges.