Target Ship Hakachi

2009 Bob Hackett and Peter Cundall

HAKACHI was the only purpose-built vessel in the IJN designed as a bombing target ship. Her flat steel deck gave her the appearance of an escort carrier and protected against 10 and 30 Kg. training bombs. She had but a short life as a target ship. In 1944, she was modified to serve as an escort for local convoys. She was rearmed with two 4.7-inch and 28 Type 96 25-mm AA guns and carried 36 DCs. HAKACHI survived the war and served as a repatriation vessel.

Vessel Builder & Year Completed Dimensions Displacement Machinery Speed Armament

Harima, Aioi, 1943 303.5' x 37' x 12.5' 1,641-tons 2 shafts, geared turbines, 2 boilers, 4400shp 19.3 knots 4 x 13.2mm AA (4 x 1)