Gyozan Maru Class Transport

(GYOKO MARU similar in size and appearance to GYOSAN MARU)

This class consists only of GYOZAN MARUs. She was completed as cargo ship HOSANG for the Indo-China Steam Navigation Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Hong Kong based Jardine, Matheson & Co. GYOZAN MARU was sunk in '44 by several American submarines off Dangerous Ground.

Builder and
Years Completed:
North of Ireland Shipbuilding Co. Ltd.,.Londonderry
Gross tonnage: 5,698-tons.
Dimensions: Lpp (411' (LPP) x 53.8' x 28.3'
Propulsion: Triple expansion steam engine, 1 screw 408 NHP
Speed: E 10 knots
Armament: Unknown