(Japanese wartime ore carrier by Ueda Kihachiro)

Tabular Record of Movement

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E 1942:
Tsurumi, Yokohama. Laid down at Nippon Kokan K. K. as a 5,949-ton ore carrier for Toa Kaiun K. K., Tokyo.

Launched and named GINREI MARU.

7 May 1943:

19 September 1943:
At 0950, convoy No. 205 departs Mako for Moji consisting of KYOKKO, SEIZAN, CHINA, TEIKO, NICHIEI, FUKUJU, DENMARK and HOKUAN MARUs escorted by patrol boat PB-2 and auxiliary TOYO MARU No. 3.

20 September 1943:
The convoy is joined by GINREI, KENZUI, MIYO, TATSUHA, TOSEI and JINZAN MARUs.

24 September 1943:
At 1600, the convoy arrives at Moji less HOKUAN MARU that detached earlier.

5 December 1943:
GINREI MARU departs Moji for Takao in convoy No. 119 also consisting of TAKETOYO, HORAI MARUs and other unidentified merchant ships escorted by destroyer NUMAKAZE and subchaser CH-10.

10 December 1943:
GINREI and HORAI MARUs are detached.

22 December 1943:
105 miles south of Hong Kong. USAAF 14th Air Force B-25 “Mitchell” medium bombers attack and sink GINREI MARU with three direct hits at 12-12N, 130-40E. [1]

Author’s Notes:
[1] One source claims GINREI MARU was sunk by the Chinese Air Force.

Details of the early movements of this vessel are incomplete. Readers with access to such data are requested to post the information on the Discussion and Questions board or at the IJN Ship Message Board.

- Bob Hackett

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