FUKUEI MARU No. 10-Class Auxiliary Transport

(FUKUEI MARU No. 10, prewar – Peter Cundall’s collection)

This class consists of FUKUEI MARU No. 10, FUKUEI MARU No. 15 (renamed EIFUKU MARU No. 15 in ’41) and KASHIMA MARU, completed between Sep ’36 and Dec ‘39 for various shipping companies. All were requisitioned by the IJN and converted to auxiliary netlayers. FUKUEI MARU No. 10 was later converted to an auxiliary gunboat and finally to an auxiliary transport in Oct ’43. All were bombed or torpedoed and sunk between Feb ’42 and Jul ’45.

Builder and Year Completed: Osaka. Mihara Zosen Tekkosho K.K. shipyard
1936 ~ 1939
Gross tonnage: 847~ 876-tons
Dimensions: 185.0' (Lpp) x 30.8' x 16.7'
Propulsion: One Diesel Engine, one shaft, 500 bhp
Speed: Unknown.
Armament (data apply to Fukuei Maru No. 10) : As netlayer/gunboat: 1 8cm/40cal deck guns, 1 Type 93 13mm MG, 1 7.7mm MG, 1 60cm searchlight, 2 Type 95 DCs racks, 1 DC thrower, 24 DCs, 4 Type 14