FUKKEN MARU - Class Auxiliary Transport

(FUKKEN MARU, prewar)

This class consists of FUKKEN (FUKUKEN), BUSHO, KISHU, KANAN, SEIKYO and CHOSA MARUs, completed between Oct 20 and Aug 21 for different shipping companies. FUKKEN MARU remained under civilian control. KISHU, KANAN and SEIKYO MARUs were requisitioned by the IJA and served as Army transports; BUSHO and CHOSA MARUs were requisitioned by the IJN and converted to auxiliary gunboats. BUSHO MARU was re-rated as an auxiliary transport in Oct 43. All were bombed, mined or torpedoed and sunk between May 42 and Mar 45.

Builder and Year Completed: Sakurajima. Osaka Iron Works K.K.
Gross tonnage: From 2,538-tons to 2,567-tons.
Dimensions: 284.4' (Lpp) x 42.7' x 23.0'
Propulsion: One reciprocating triple expansion steam engine, one shaft, 1,600 b.h.p.
Speed: Cruising: 10 knots Max: 13 knots.
Armament: Unknown