Eijo Class Minelayer
(Japanese cargo ship)

Converted from Type 2D Standard Merchants, EIJO and sister MINOO were completed in 1945. Their holds were fitted out for mine stowage. They retained their derricks as they were intended for dual use as minelayers and transports. EIJO was torpedoed and sunk by an American submarine in 1945, but sister MINOO survived the war and was used by the Allied Repatriation Service.

Builders and Years Completed: Kiangnan, Shanghai and Naniwa, Osaka 1945.
Displacement: 3,224-tons standard.
Dimensions: 300'9" by 44' by 19'2"
Propulsion and Speed: 1 VTE, 1 boiler, 1 shaft, 1,200 ihp; 11 knots.
Armament: 1 x 120-mm (4.7-inch) HA gun, 14 x 25-mm MG, 380 mines, 24 DCs.