Eastern Sword Class Auxiliary Transport

(Sister UGO MARU, prewar)

2014 Bob Hackett

The EASTERN SWORD class consisted of two cargo ships completed in 1920.

EASTERN SWORD was completed as a 3,855-ton cargo ship for the United States Shipping Board under the iron replacement program. Her Japanese sister was UGO MARU.

During World War II, EASTERN SWORD was sunk by German submarine U-162 off Georgetown, British Guiana in 1942 while UGO MARU was sunk by an American submarine in 1944 off Miri, Borneo.

Builders and
Year Completed:
Uraga dock. Co., Ltd., Tokyo
Gross tonnage: 3,684-3,855 tons.
Dimensions: 330'' x 46' x 30'
Propulsion: Coupled triple expansion steam engine, 1 screw, 2,817 IHP
Speed: 13.9 knots
Armament: Unknown