Eastern Shore Class Auxiliary Transport


2013 Bob Hackett

EASTERN SHORE was completed in 1918 as a 6,800-ton cargo ship for the US Shipping Board. In addition to an American sister, EASTERN SHORE's Japanese sisters were ROCKY, SEINU (CHOKO), SHUNKO, TEXAS (TAMAHO), YAYE (YAE), YONE (TAMAHOKO), YPES (KYOKKO ) and YURI MARUs.

TEXAS (TAMAHO) was lost in a storm prewar, most all of the others were sunk during the war by American submarines.

Builder and
Years Completed:
Harima shipyard, Aioi.
Gross tonnage: 6,800 (nominal) tons.
Dimensions: 425 x 53.8 x 37.5
Propulsion: Coupled triple expansion reciprocatiing team engines, 3,096 i.h.p, 196 n.h.p.
Speed: cruising 13 knots.
Armament: Unknown.