Eastern Guide Class Auxiliary Transport

(KINNO (later BANDOENG MARU, prewar)

2013 Bob Hackett

The EASTERN GUIDE class consisted of seven cargo ships completed between 1919 1922.

EASTERN GUIDE was completed in 1919 as a 4,082-ton cargo ship for the United States Shipping Board under the iron replacement program. In addition to American sisters EASTERN CRAG and EASTERN COAST, her Japanese sisters were KINOO, FUKKAI, SHIN-I and TATEISHI MARUs.

During the Pacific War, KINOO, FUKKAI, SHIN-I and TATEISHI MARUs were all sunk by American submarines.

Builders and
Years Completed:
Mitsubishi Shipbuilding, Ltd., Nagasaki.
Yokohama Dock Co., Ltd., Yokohama
Gross tonnage: 3,803-4,081 tons.
Dimensions: 345' x 50' x 29'
Propulsion: Coupled triple expansion steam engine, 1 screw, 2,354 IHP
Speed: 13.1 knots
Armament: Unknown