Chojun Maru Class Transport

(CHOJUN MARU, prewar)

In 1918, CHOJUN MARU was completed as a cargo ship for the Dalian (Dairen) Steamship Co., Ltd. of Dairen, Manchuria. In Oct '41, CHOJUN MARU was requisitioned by the Imperial Army (IJA). In Aug '43, she was in a collision with KOKURYU MARU and sank off Pusan, Korea.

Builder and
Year Completed:
Fujinagata shipyard, Osaka
Gross tonnage: 2,213-tons
Dimensions: 272'- x 40' x 24'.2"
Propulsion: Steam coupled triple expansion engine, 1,190 IHP, 1 shaft
Speed: 8 / 9 knots
Armament: Unknown