Celebes Maru Class Transport


In 1917, CELEBES MARU was completed as a passenger-cargo ship for the Osaka Shosen Kaisha (OSK) Line). Her sisters were BORNEO and SUMATRA MARUs.

CELEBES MARU began her OSK service hauling cargo from Kobe to India and later New York and other Ports. In Sep '41 she was requisitioned by the Imperial Army (IJA) and later, infamously, was used as a prisoner-of-war (POW) "Hell Ship" transporting POWs from Sngapore via Sumatra to Burma. In Nov '44, CELEBES MARU was sunk off Mindoro, Philippines by an American submarine.

Builder and
Year Completed:
Kawasaki Shipbuilding, Kobe
Gross tonnage: 5,863-tons.
Dimensions: 385.0 x 51 x 28.0
Propulsion: Steam triple expansion engine, 1 screw, 3,858 HP
Speed: 11 knots cruising, 14.4 knots max.
Armament: Unknown