IJN Subchaser CH-23:
Tabular Record of Movement

2005-2018 Bob Hackett, Sander Kingsepp and Peter Cundall

Revision 12

Laid down at the Harima shipyard.

30 June 1941:
Numbered CH-23. Tentatively assigned to Sasebo Naval District.

13 August 1941:

15 November 1941:
Completed and registered in the Yokosuka Naval District.

2 December 1941:
At 0800 departs Nagaura.

3 December 1941:
At 1110 arrives back at Nagaura.

4 December 1941:
At 0900 departs Nagaura.

6 December 1941:
At 1100 arrives back at Nagaura.

7 December 1941:
At 0900 departs Nagaura.

12 December 1941:
At 1030 arrives back at Nagaura before departing at 1730.

18 December 1941:
Conducts antisubmarine patrols in Tokyo Bay.

21 December 1941:
At 1015 arrives at Nagaura.

22 December 1941:
At 1115 departs Nagaura.

1 February 1942:
At 0920 arrives at Nagaura.

2 February 1942:
At 1040 departs Nagaura.

10 February 1942:
At 1355 CH-23 and CH-24 arrive at Nagaura.

12 February 1942:
At 0130 CH-22, CH-23 and CH-24 depart Nagaura.

26 February 1942:
At 1100 arrives at Nagaura.

28 February 1942:
At 0110 departs Nagaura.

16 March 1942:
At 1130 CH-22, CH-23 and CH-24 arrive at Nagaura.

17 March 1942:
At 0805 CH-22, CH-23 and CH-24 depart Nagaura.

18 March 1942:
At 0730 CH-22, CH-23 and CH-24 arrive at Nagaura.

3 April 1942:
At 1300 CH-23 and CH-24 depart Toba.

4 April 1942:
At 1130 CH-23 and CH-24 arrive at Nagaura.

5 April 1942:
At 1055 CH-23 departs Nagaura followed at 1200 by CH-24.

23 April 1942:
At 1600 CH-23 arrives at Nagaura.

28 April 1942:
At 0500 departs Nagaura.

11 May 1942:
Arrives and at 0905 departs Nagaura. At 1330 returns to Nagaura.

12 May 1942:
At 1045 departs Nagaura.

14 May 1942:
At 0800 arrives at Nagaura.

15 May 1942:
Assigned directly to the Combined Fleet and attached to SubChasDiv 23.

11 June 1942:
Arrives at Guadalcanal.

1 July 1942:
CH-22, CH-23 and CH-24 depart Guadalcanal.

5 July 1942:
CH-23 arrived at Truk.

6 July 1942:
Departs Rabaul.

14 July 1942:
Reassigned to Vice Admiral Mikawa Gunichi's (38) Eighth Fleet with the 7th Base Force's SubChasDiv 23 at Lae, New Guinea. Escorts convoys between Rabaul and the Solomon Islands.

1 August 1942:
Arrives at Rabaul.

6 August 1942:
Departs Rabaul.

9 August 1942:
Arrives at Rabaul.

11 August 1942:
Departs Rabaul.

15 August 1942:
Arrives at Rabaul.

17 August 1942:
CH-23 departs Rabaul for Basuba (Basabua) with light cruiser TENRYU, subchasers CH-22, CH-24 and minesweeper W-20 escorting a convoy consisting of KAZUURA, RYOYU and KANYO MARUs transporting the 25th Air Flotilla's base supplies.

18 August 1942:
At 1730, arrives at Basuba.

25 August 1942:
Departs Rabaul.

27 August 1942:
Arrives at Rabaul.

1 September 1942:
CH-22 departs Basuba escorting empty transport/AA ship YASUKAWA MARU and meets up en route with CH-23 escorting RYOYO and KAZUURA MARU.

4 September 1942:
Arrives at Rabaul.

11 September 1942:
Refueled by auxiliary seaplane tender KIYOKAWA MARU.

E 7 October 1942:
Departs Rabaul with patrol boat PB-34 escorting convoy consisting of BRISBANE, KOZAN and TAKAOKA MARUs.

9 October 1942:
Arrives at Shortland.

22 October 1942:
Carries out a depth charge attack in 04-46S 152-36E. Drops 10 depth charges for unknown result.

27 October 1942:
Departs Rabaul for Shortland with minelayer HATSUTAKA escorting convoy consisting of OIGAWA, TOYO and BRISBANE MARUs.

23 November 1943:
At 1600 departs Rabaul to meet up and escort Naval collier YOGOGAWA MARU from Kavieng to Truk.

22 January 1943:
CH-23 and torpedo boat HIYODORI depart Rabaul escorting transport TOA MARU No. 2 on a troop transport run to Kolombangara, Guadalcanal.

28 January 1943:
CH-23 departs Rabaul with minelayer KAMOME and torpedo boat HIYODORI escorting troop transport TOA MARU No.2 GO to Kolambangara.

E 29 January 1943:
At some point probably off Bougainville Island KAMOME is detached.

30 January 1943:
Off Gizo the convoy comes under attack from US Navy aircraft. TOA MARU No.2 GO is hit by two bombs and is abandoned and finally sinks in 07.43S 156.51E. Nearly all 107 troops on board are rescued and only one crewman and two soldiers are KIA. Also lost are two light tanks, a side-car motorcycle and a cargo of cement and ammunition.

22 February 1943:
CH-23 departs Palau escorting TAMATSU and KOFUKU MARUs to Rabaul.

28 February 1943:
NE of Manus, Admiralty Islands. At 1138, the convoy is attacked unsuccessfully by a submarine, probably USS ALBACORE (SS-218), at 01-29S, 147-38E.

4 March 1943:
At 0200 arrives at Rabaul.

7 March 1943:
At 1500 departs Rabaul on a short escort mission.

8 March 1943:
At 1610 arrives back at Rabaul.

12 March 1943:
At 1515 CH-23 and CH-24 depart Rabaul on convoy escort mission.

22 March 1943:
At 0550 both escorts arrive back at Rabaul.

23 March 1943:
At 0430 departs Rabaul on convoy escort mission. At 1950 arrives back at Rabaul.

24 March 1943:
At 1500 departs Rabaul on an escort mission.

28 March 1943:
At 0730 CH-23 and minesweeper W-21 both arrive back at Rabaul.

29 March 1943:
At 1345 CH-23 and minesweeper W-21 depart Rabaul on an escort mission.

6 April 1943:
At 0725 arrives back at Rabaul.

7 April 1943:
At 1440 departs Rabaul on an escort mission.

10 April 1943:
At 1200 arrives back at Rabaul.

13 April 1943:
At 1300 departs Rabaul in convoy consisting of KAIFUKU, TOKO MARUs, YOSHIDA MARU No. 3 and one unidentified merchant ship also escorted by W-20 [1]

1 May 1943:
At 1200 arrives back at Rabaul probably escorting a convoy from Palau consisting of SORACHI, HAMBURG, HIMALAYA and MEIZAN MARUs.

9 May 1943:
At 1530 CH-23 and CH-38 depart Rabaul for Palau escorting convoy R-09 consisting of YODOGAWA, CHOKO, YAMABUKI, FUKKO, NIKKI, TATEISHI MARUs and BANSHU MARU No. 15.

11 May 1943:
NE of Manus. At 0730, that same day, YODOGAWA MARU is hit by two torpedoes fired by LtCdr (later Rear Admiral) Edward C. Stephan's (USNA 29) USS GRAYBACK (SS-208) at 00-40N, 148-55E. YODOGAWA MARU is set afire and sinks. Two crewmen are KIA.

17 May 1943:
Arrives at Palau.

20 May 1943:
CH-23 and CH-38 depart Palau escorying a convoy consisting of KOYU, TAISHO and MACASSAR MARUs.

28 May 1943:
At 0850 arrives at Rabaul. Later that day at 1500 departs Rabaul on an escort mission.

2 June 1943:
At 0430 arrives at Rabaul.

6 June 1943:
At 0430 departs Rabaul on an escort mission, probably escorting Army landing craft depot ship transport NIGITSU MARU part way to Palau.

10 June 1943:
At 1740 CH-18 and CH-23 arrive back at Rabaul together.

13 June 1943:
At 1740 CH-23 and CH-39 depart Rabaul on an anti submarine sweep.

15 June 1943:
At 0400 CH-23 arrives back at Rabaul.

16 June 1943:
At 1150 CH-16, CH-23 and CH-39 depart Rabaul escorting convoy 609 consisting of ADEN, TAIKO, HOFUKU, YAMAFUKU, SHINYUBARI and KURAMASAN MARUs and one other unidentified ship. CH-16 detaches en route and returns to Rabaul.

23 June 1943:
Arrives at Palau.

26 June 1943:
Departs Palau with CH-39 escorting convoy So-626 consisting of DAKAR, BUNZAN, TOHO and KINSEN MARUs and three unidentified merchant ships.

3 July 1943:
At 0530 arrives at Rabaul.

4 July 1943:
At 1600 departs Rabaul on an escort mission.

9 July 1943:
SubChasDiv 23s CH-22, CH-23 and CH-24 depart Palau escorting convoy So-905 consisting of HOKKO, TOKO, RYOYO, SHOHO and HOKKAI MARUs. CH-23 is apparently detached soon after departure.

10 July 1943:
At 0818 arrives back at Rabaul.

16 July 1943:
At 1400 departs Rabaul on an escort mission, possibly escorting tanker SHINKOKU MARU.

28 July 1943:
CH-10, CH-18 and CH-23 depart Palau escorting convoy So-807 consisting of EHIME, KAZAN and KOZAN mARUs and two unidentified merchant ships.

5 August 1943:
At 0825 arrive at Rabaul.

5 August 1943:
At 0825 arrives back at Rabaul.

9 August 1943:
Departs Rabaul on patrol.

10 August 1943:
CH-23 is appointed the flagship of SubChasDiv 23.

11 August 1943:
At 1240 arrives back at Rabaul.

13 August 1943:
At 0640 departs Rabaul on patrol.

15 August 1943:
At 0820 arrives back at Rabaul.

18 August 1943:
At 0600 departs Rabaul on patrol.

20 August 1943:
At 0825 arrives back at Rabaul.

22 August 1943:
At 0200 departs Rabaul on patrol.

24 August 1943:
At 0830 arrives back at Rabaul.

27 August 1943:
At 0645 departs Rabaul on patrol.

29 August 1943:
At 0810 arrives back at Rabaul.

30 August 1943:
At 1015 departs Rabaul on patrol.

31 August 1943:
At 1500 arrives back at Rabaul.

1 September 1943:
At 1330 departs Rabaul on patrol.

2 September 1943:
At 0020 returns to Rabaul.

3 September 1943:
At 0653 CH-22 and CH-23 depart Rabaul on an escort mission.

5 September 1943:
At 0640 CH-23 arrives back at Rabaul.

9 September 1943:
At 0630 departs Rabaul on an escort mission.

12 September 1943:
At 1400 arrives at Rabaul. At 2230 departs Rabaul again on a further escort mission.

16 September 1943:
At 0800 arrives at Rabaul. At 1640 departs Rabaul again on a further escort mission.

19 September 1943:
At 0800 arrives back at Rabaul.

20 September 1943:
At 0700 departs Rabaul on an escort mission.

27 September 1943:
At 0715 arrives at Rabaul.

8 October 1943:
CH-23 and CH-24 depart Palau escorting convoy SO-806 consisting of KANAYAMASAN, HOZUGAWA, NITTAI, KAZAN, KIBI and KOSEI MARUs and SHINTO MARU No. 1.

15 October 1943:
Arrives at Rabaul.

18 October 1943:
Vunapope, near Rabaul. Six North American B-25D "Mitchell" medium bombers of the 345th Bomb Group's 500th Squadon attack and damage shipping in the bay including IJA cargo-passenger ship JOHORE MARU and two other unidentified freighters. CH-23 is underway in nearby St. George's Channel when 1st Lt Thane C. Hecox's B-25-D drops two 1,000-lb bombs and blows off her bow.

CH-23 is beached to avoid sinking. Later, she receives emergency repairs, probably by repair ship YAMABIKO MARU and others.

18 December 1943:
At 1400, CH-23 departs Kavieng escorting a convoy consisting of KANAIYAMA and KYUTOKUSAN MARUs.

19 December 1943:
At 1500, arrives at Rabaul.

1 January 1944:
On that day, FRUMEL decrypts two messages from CH-23, one timed 010135:
"At 0005 today KINSEISAN [KANAIYAMA] MARU was bombed and sunk as result of a near miss" and another timed 011608:
"Have taken survivors of KINSEISAN [KANAIYAMA] MARU onboard and will leave Lorengau at 1800. Will anchor in Bakhateri Harbour from 1600 on 2nd till 0400 on 3rd and arrive Rabaul at 1630 on 3rd."

23-24 February 1944:
Truk. CH-23, auxiliary minelayer MINSEI MARU and special minesweepers No. 5 and No. 6, in cooperation with aircraft of the 902nd Naval Air Group, conduct anti-submarine operations near the Uligar and Salat Passes.

E 25 March 1944:
Arrives at Pusan, Korea. Undergoes repairs until May.

13 May 1944:
Reassigned to the Southern Expeditionary Fleet. Escorts convoys to Manila.

2 June 1944:
CH-23 and CH-56 depart Moji with kaibokan CD-14 and auxiliary subchasers CHa-90 and CHa-95 escorting MOTA-21 convoy (part 1) consisting of TAMA, AZUCHISAN, HAVRE (5467 GRT), NARUO (ex Panamanian ESTERO), CLYDE, HAMBURG, SEKIHO, TATSUAKI, SHINSHO, KINE, YAGI, IKOMASAN, TAIAN, OYO, TSUYAMA MARUs, SHINSEI MARU No.5, TOYO MARU No.3 and five unidentified merchant ships. At 1700 the convoy arrives at Karatsu Wan.

3 June 1944:
KOTO MARU No. 2 joins from Karatsu Wan. At 0300 the ships depart Karatsu Wan.

7 June 1944:
At 0900, an enemy submarine is sighted at 28-18N, 123-03E. Later that day TAMA MARU and TOYO MARU No. 3 are detached for Kirun, arriving there the next day.

9 June 1944:
At 0900, an enemy submarine is sighted at 24-50N, 120-30E. That same day, OYO MARU, having detached arrives at Kirun at 1030.

10 June 1944:
Arrives at Takao. Later that day, CH-23 departs Takao with kaibokan CD-14 escorting convoy MOTA-21 (part 2) consisting of HAVRE (5467 GRT), NARUO, CLYDE, HAMBURG, SEKIHO, TATSUAKI, SHINSHO, TSUYAMA, IKOMASAN, TAIAN, YAMAHAGI MARUs, SHINSEI MARU No.5 and one unidentified merchant ship. Initially the convoy is also escorted by the auxiliary submarine chasers KYO MARU No. 2 and TERUKAZE MARU.

13 June 1944:
Arrives at Manila.

27 June 1944:
Departs Manila with minelayer YAEYAMA escorting convoy H-30 consisting of HAVRE, CLYDE, SHINSHO, NARUO (ex ESTERO), TATSUAKI (TATSUSHO)and HAMBURG MARUs and SHINSEI MARU No. 5 and one unidentified merchant ship.

29 June 1944:
At 1130 arrives at Cebu.

30 June 1944:
At 0629 departs Cebu.

5 July 1944:
At 1615 arrives at Kau.

7 July 1944:
At 1300 departs Kau with minelayer YAEYAMA escorting M-26 convoy possibly consisting of HAMBURG, NARUO (ex Panamanian ESTERO), CLYDE, CHINKAI MARUs and SHINSEI MARU No. 5.

17 July 1944:
At 1740 the M-26 convoy arrives at Manila. CH-23 had apparently detached.

19 July 1944:
CH-23 departs Manila with CH-31, CH-32, auxiliary submarine chaser CHa-24 and patrol boat PB-105 escorting convoy H-32 consisting of MIKASA, TAIYU, MIHARA, YAMABUKI, FUSAN, SAIHO, KYOKUZAN, KEIAN, NASUSAN and SHOHO MARUs.

21 July 1944:
At 1200 arrives at Cebu.

23 July 1944:
At 1830 departs Cebu with ASAHISAN MARU as additional convoy member (possibly patrol boat PB-105 only joins at this point, or may have joined between Manila and Cebu).

28 July 1944:
At 1440 arrives at Bitoeng, Halmahera Island.

1 August 1944:
Reassigned directly to the Combined Fleet and attached to SubChasDiv 21. Escorts convoys between Takao, Formosa, Shanghai, China, the Philippines and Japan.

At 1028 departs Manila escorting minelayer KOEI MARU.

3 August 1944:
At 0341 arrives at San Miguel Bay, where KOEI MARU lays mines. At 0753 departs.

4 August 1944:
At 1948 arrives at San Angel Bay. KOEI MARU lays more mines.

5 August 1944:
At 0656 departs San Angel Bay escorting KOEI MARU.

7 August 1944:
At 0807 arrives at Takao.

11 August 1944:
At 1207 departs Takao escorting KOEI MARU.

12 August 1944:
At 1230 meets up with minelayer SAIGON MARU escorted by CH-37.

15 August 1944:
At 0927 CH-23 and CH-37 are detached to Sasebo with SAIGON and KOEI MARUs. Arrives at Arikawa Wan and later that day at Sasebo.

30 September 1944:
Departs Kirun, Formosa (now Keelung, Taiwan) escorting a convoy.

2 October 1944:
Arrives at Ssu Chiao Shan (now Sijiao island, Shengsi, Zhoushan), China.

3 October 1944:
Departs Ssu Chiao Shan and arrives at Shanghai later that day.

16 October 1944:
Imari Bay. CH-23 joins the escort of convoy MOMA-05 consisting of DAIHAKU, KOMEI, TENSHO, DAISHO, TATSUURA, TAIYO, ESASHI, DORYO, PACIFIC, AOKI, TAIZAN (ex British ST QUENTIN), SAIHO and SUGIYAMA MARUs escorted by kaibokan KASADO and CH-17, CH-18 and CH-28. At 1820, the convoy departs.

21 October 1944:
At 1600, arrives at Takao. KASADO is detached.

23 October 1944:
At 0900, departs Takao and shelters in a bay on S Formosa, sailing at 2300.

24 October 1944:
At 1830, arrives at Sabtang Island anchorage.

25 October 1944:
At 0400, departs Sabtang Island. At 1800 arrives at Musa.

26 October 1944:
At 0403, DAISHO MARU is torpedoed and sunk by LtCdr (later Rear Admiral) Maurice H. Rindskopf's (USNA 38) USS DRUM (SS-228) at 19-30N, 120-44E. She takes down about 1600 men, most of whom belonged to the 57th Independent Brigade and 10th Maritime Advance Battalion. At 0655, Rindskopf also torpedoes DAIHAKU MARU carrying 3150 troops of 75th Mixed Brigade, 150 horses, 35 boats and 60 military dogs at 19-07N, 120-42E . The forepart sinks, although the aft part remains afloat and is successfully beached in Lapoc Bay. 1557 soldiers and three crewmen are KIA.

W of Dalupiri Island. At 0710, TAIYO MARU is torpedoed by LtCdr Richard W. Peterson's (USNA 31) USS ICEFISH (SS-367) and sinks at 19-04N, 120-36E. A cargo of gasoline she is carrying for "kaiten" human-torpedoes ignites and sends flames hundreds of feet into the air. About 2200 troops on board together with 17 gunners and 13 crewmen are killed, and 22 landing craft, 26 horses and 21 motor vehicles are lost.

28 October 1944:
At 1230, anchors in Lapoc Bay.

29 October 1944:
At 0700, departs Lapoc Bay. At 1600 arrives at N San Fernando.

30 October 1944:
At 0700, departs N San Fernando. At 1600 arrives at Santa Cruz.

31 October 1944:
At 0500, departs Santa Cruz. At 0950, KOMEI MARU is torpedoed and sunk by LtCdr (later Captain) Enrique D. Haskins' (USNA 33) USS GUITARRO (SS-363) at 15-18N, 119-50E. The ship was loaded with 3500 M3 of goods and 775 troops and 346 troops; three armed escort and 10 of the crew are killed. A few minutes later, at 1010, PACIFIC MARU is also torpedoed and sunk by USS GUITARRO at 15-15N, 119-56E. At the time the ship is carrying 300 Naval landing troops and war supplies. 24 soldiers, 27 gunners and 23 crewmen are killed.

1 November 1944:
At 0400 arrives at Manila.

5 November 1944:
At 0500 CH-23 departs Manila with kaibokan CD-18 and CD-26 and subchasers CH-18, CH-17, CH-38 and CH-37 escorting convoy MATA-31 consisting of TATSUHARU, KASAGISAN and DORYO MARUs and four unidentified merchant ships. In addition heavy cruisers KUMANO and already damaged AOBA sail with the convoy.

At 10,000-yards, convoy MATA-31 (15-ships with air cover) is spotted by lookouts aboard Cdr (later Rear Admiral) John K. Fyfe's USS BATFISH (SS-310). Fyfe makes a submerged approach on AOBA under the escorts, but when he comes to periscope depth, USS BATFISH is almost rammed by a destroyer. Fyfe aborts his approach and crash dives. Later, he fires six torpedoes at a large cargo ship, but they all miss.

6 November 1944:
At 1055, an enemy submarine is sighted at 16-11N, 109-06E. Soon after the convoy comes under sustained submarine attack off Cape Bolinao, Luzon. The convoy is attacked by a wolf pack of composed of LtCdr (later Captain) Enrique D. Haskins' USS GUITARRO (SS-363), LtCdr W. G. Chapple's USS BREAM (SS-243), LtCdr Maurice W. Shea's USS RATON (SS-270) and LtCdr William T. Kinsella's USS RAY (SS-271).

The four submarines fire 23 torpedoes at KUMANO. At 1052, she is hit by two torpedoes. One blows off her repaired bow section. The second hits near her starboard engine room. All four engine rooms flood. She takes on an 11 degree list to starboard and becomes unnavigable. At 1930, KUMANO is taken under tow by DORYO MARU to Dasol Bay escorted by submarine chasers CH-18 and CH-37.

7 November 1944:
At 1715 the convoy puts in to Santa Cruz for shelter with KUMANO still under tow by DORYO MARU.

8 November 1944:
At 0730 CD-26 and CH-18 detach from the convoy and depart Santa Cruz.

9 November 1944:
At 0130 departs Santa Cruz DORYO MARU still under tow and later that day at 1600 arrives at North San Fernando. DORYO MARU is detached.

10 November 1944:
At 0900 the convoy departs San Fernando.

11 November 1944:
At 2100 arrives at Lapoc Bay.

12 November 1944:
At 0600 departs Lapoc Bay. Later that day arrives Musa.

13 November 1944:
At 0700 departs Musa and at 2100 arrives at Sabtang.

14 November 1944:
CH-18 rejoins the convoy at 0530. Later that day the convoy departs Sabtang.

15 November 1944:
At 1200 arrives at Takao.

16 November 1944:
At 0645 departs Takao and later that day arrives at Mako. Undergoes repairs for rest of month.

10 January 1945:
CH-23, CH-17 and CH-38 depart Takao escorting convoy TAMO-36 consisting of YUKIKAWA MARU and one unidentified merchant ship.

14 January 1945:
Off San Fernando, Luzon. CH-23 is damaged by USAAF aircraft.

19 January 1945:
Arrives at Moji.

February 1945:
Escorts convoys to Shanghai.

15 August 1945:
Tsingtao, China. The crew of CH-23 receive notice of the termination of hostilities with the Allied Powers.

15 October 1945:
Removed from the Navy List.

10 December 1945:
Assigned to the Allied Repatriation Service and designated a special cargo ship.


Special thanks to Mr. Gilbert Casse of France for general assistance and to to Hans Mcilveen of the Netherlands for info on FRUMEL intercepts.


[1]Allied signals (partial decrypt) and Japanese records both confirm CH-23 was a participant in this convoy.

-Bob Hackett, Sander Kingsepp and Peter Cundall.

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