(Type C Escort by Takeshi Yuki scanned from "Color Paintings of Japanese Warships")

IJN Escort CD-68:
Tabular Record of Movement

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Revision 1 3 July 1944:
Kobe. Laid down at Kawasaki Ship Building’s yard.

30 Septenber 1944:
Launched and numbered CD-68.

1 November 1944:
Reserve LtCdr Ishii Tomekichi (former CO of the converted gunboat KAZAN MARU) is appointed Chief Equipping Officer.

20 November 1944:
Completed and registered in the IJN. Reserve LtCdr Ishii Tomekichi is the Commanding Officer.

24 January 1945:
W-15, kaibokan CD-44, CD-68, torpedo boat MANAZURU, minelayer NUWAJIMA, auxiliary minesweepers TAKUNAN MARU No. 3, CHOUN MARU No. 8 and HIMESHIMA and SEKI MARUs depart Kagoshima escorting convoy KATA-407 consisting of tanker KINYU MARU No. 7 and probably other ships.

27 January 1945:
At 1858 arrives at Naha.

30 January 1945:
At 0722 departs Naha still escorting KATA-407 for Kirun.

1 February 1945:
Arrives at Kirun.

13 March 1945:
At 2200, CD-68 departs Kagoshima, Kyushu for Naha, Okinawa with torpedo boat TOMOZURU, auxiliary minesweepers SEKI and CHITOSE MARUs and SHONAN MARU No. 16 escorting convoy KANA-304 consisting of KOSHU, SOKA and KAIJO MARUs and TSUKUSHI MARU No. 3. Soon after leaving port, the convoy changes course for Koniya, Amami O-Shima because of Allied air activity in the Ryukyus.

16 March 1945:
At 2200, KANA-304 departs Amami O-Shima for Naha.

18 March 1945:
At about 1700, Cdr David R. Connole’s USS TRIGGER (SS-237) attacks the convoy from the port side. Connole torpedoes and sinks TSUKUSHI MARU No. 3.

20 March 1945:
At 1300, KANA-304 arrives at Shushan anchorage, E of Shanghai.

22 March 1945:
At 1700, KANA-304 departs Shushan for Naha.

23 March 1945:
At midnight, KANA-304 changes course north towards Amami O-Shima.

24 March 1945:
East China Sea. At 0830, two B-24 (possibly USN PB4Ys) “Liberator” heavy bombers attack KANA-304 and sink auxiliary minesweeper SEKI MARU off Tokara Gunto at 29-12N, 125-13E.

200 miles NW of Okinawa, near Amami O-Shima. Carrier planes from TG 58.1’s USS BENNINGTON (CV-20), USS HORNET (CV-12), USS BELLEAU WOOD (CVL-24) and USS SAN JACINTO (CVL-30) attack KANA-304 and sink CD-68 at 30N, 126-36E and torpedo boat TOMOZURU, auxiliary minesweepers SEKI and CHITOSE MARUs and SHONAN MARU No. 16, cargo ships KOSHU, SOKA and KAIJO MARUs at 28-25N, 124-32E.

5 October 1945:
Removed from the Navy List.

-Bob Hackettand Peter Cundall

Thanks to Mr. Gilbert Casse of France and Mr. Sander Kingsepp of Estonia.

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