(Type C Escort by Takeshi Yuki scanned from "Color Paintings of Japanese Warships")

IJN Escort CD-42:
Tabular Record of Movement

2007-2014 Bob Hackett, Sander Kingsepp and Peter Cundall

Revision 3

15 April 1944:
Nagasaki. Laid down at Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltds shipyard as vessel No. 962 (yard number).

7 July 1944:
Launched and numbered CD-42.

25 August 1944:
Completed and registered in the Kure Naval District. Assigned to the Kure Guard Unit.

August-September 1944:
Arrives at Saeki. Participates in anti-submarine warfare training.

1 November 1944
Assigned to the Sasebo Guard Unit.

15 November 1944:
CD-42 together with kaibokan CD-30, CD-44, auxiliary minesweeper TAIHEI MARU No. 3 GO, TOSHI MARU No. 7, CHOUN MARU No. 8 and auxiliary patrol boats CHIKUTO and TAIAN MARUs departs Kagoshima escorting convoy KATA-416 consisting of UNTEN, KAIJO, KAIRYU, CHOSAN, TAISEI, SEIZAN, KENJO and AMOY MARUs and five unidentified merchant ships.

16 November 1944:
AMOY MARU is detached for Koniya, Amami-Oshima Is.

18 November 1944:
Arrives at Naha. UNTEN, KAIJO, KAIRYU and CHOSAN MARUs are detached. Later the convoy sails for Formosa but it is unclear if CD-42 forms part of the escort of this second leg or sails to Kirun separately.

26 November 1944:
CD-42, kaibokan CD-30, minesweeper W-15, auxiliary minesweeper TAIHEI MARU No. 3 GO, SHONAN MARU No. 16, SEKI MARU and auxiliary patrol boat TAIAN MARU depart Kirun escorting convoy TAKA-608 consisting of TATSUHARU, SAKISHIMA, SHINTON and HOKUSEN MARUs and nine unidentified merchant ships.

27 November 1944:
Arrives at Miyako Jima.

28 November 1944:
Departs Miyako Jima.

2 December 1944:
Arrives at Kagoshima.

24 December 1944:
CD-42 departs Kirun with torpedo boat MANAZURU, submarine chaser CH-49, auxiliary netlayer SHINTO MARU No. 2, auxiliary minesweepers CHITOSE, HIMESHIMA MARUs and CHOUN MARU No. 8 escorting convoy TAKA-406 consisting of TATSUMIYA, SAKISHIMA, KEIUN MARUs and five unidentified merchant ships.

25 December 1944:
Convoy KATA-506 departs Kagoshima with kaibokan CD-44, minesweeper W-15, auxiliary minesweepers TAKUNAN MARU No. 3, TOSHI MARU No. 7, BANSHU MARU No. 51 and auxiliary CHOUN MARU No. 8 escorting convoy KATA-506 consisting of KISHUN MARU and eight unidentified merchant ships.

26 December 1944:
TAKA-406 arrives at Naha. CD-30, CD-42 and MANAZURU are detached.

27 December 1944:
KATA-506 arrives at Naha, Okinawa. At this point kaibokan CD-42 and torpedo boat MANAZURU apparently join the convoy.

E 28 December 1944:
KATA-506 departs Naha.

30 December 1944:
KATA-506 arrives at Kirun.

5 January 1945:
Departs Keelung for Kagoshima with kaibokan CD-30 (F) and two other warships escorting an unidentified convoy.

10 January 1945:
East China Sea. W of Kume Island, Okinawa. At about 0500, LtCdr (later Cdr) Carl R. Dwyer's (USNA 38) USS PUFFER (SS-268) attacks the convoy. CD-42 is at the starboard fore of the convoy. Dwyer torpedoes and sinks CD-42 at 27-01N, 126-34E with all 170 hands including her CO, LtCdr (Reserve) Egashira Tomiya, who was likely posted Cdr posthumously.

Dwyer then torpedoes and wrecks CD-30s bow and bridge at 26-45N, 126-11E, but she manages to steam to Okinawa at five knots.

10 March 1945:
Removed from the Navy List.

Authors' Note:
Records on this kaibokan are scant because she was lost with no survivors.

Special thanks go to Mr. Iwasaki Yutaka of Japan for help with this TROM. Thanks also go to Dr. Higuchi Tatsuhiro of Japan and Mr. Gilbert Casse of France. Further thanks to Mr Matthew Jones of Ohio for assisting with identifying COs.

-Bob Hackett, Sander Kingsepp and Peter Cundall

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