(Type C Escort by Takeshi Yuki scanned from "Color Paintings of Japanese Warships")

IJN Escort CD-35:
Tabular Record of Movement

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Revision 2

5 May 1944:
Tsurumi. Laid down at Nippon Kokan K. K.ís shipyard.

3 September 1944:
Launched and numbered CD-35.

11 October 1944:
Completed and registered in the IJN. Attached to Yokosuka Naval District. Assigned to Kure Guard Force.

15 November 1944:
The General Escort Commandís 102nd Escort Squadron is formed with kaibokan CD-35, CD-2, CD-33, CD-34, MIKURA and YASHIRO.

22 November 1944:
At 1400 departs Kure.

23 November 1944:
At 1130 arrives at Moji.

25 November 1944:
At 2000, CD-35 departs Moji with escort carrier KAIYO, destroyers KAMIKAZE and YUZUKI and kaibokan CD-25, CD-63, CD-64 and CD-207 escorting convoy HI-83 consisting of transport/cargo liners SANUKI, TEIHOKU (ex French PERSEE), ORYOKU and NISSHO MARUs (bound for Manila except for TEIHOKU MARU), and tankers AKASHI (bound for Takao only), KYOKUUN, SEISHIN, HARIMA, TOA and EISHO MARUs for Singapore.

30 November 1944:
At 0600, arrives at Takao. AKASHI and TEIHOKU MARUs are detached together with the Manila contingent. KAIYO stops at nearby Saei.

1 December 1944:
Convoy HI-83 departs Takao for Singapore. MIRI MARU joins the convoy and patrol boat P-102 (ex-USS STEWART, DD-224) joins the escort.

3 December 1944:
Arrives at Yulin, Hainan Island.

8 December 1944:
Departs Yulin with the convoy.

9 December 1944:
Arrives at Quinhon, French Indochina.

13 December 1944:
HI-83 arrives at Seletar Naval Base, Singapore.

13 December 1944:
At 2135, LtCdr John M. Hyde's (USNA í34) USS BERGALL (SS-320) fires six torpedoes at heavy cruiser MYOKO that is enroute from Singapore to Camranh Bay escorted by destroyer USHIO. One torpedo hits MYOKO and she goes dead in the water at 8-10N, 105-31E. USHIO tows her towards Singapore.

In the next few days, auxiliary subchasers KAIKO MARU and TATEBE MARU and two minesweepers of the 21st Special Base Force arrive. TATEBE MARU commences towing MYOKO. Later, Vice Admiral Hashimoto Shintaro (41) (former CO of battleship HYUGA) departs Singapore in HAGURO to tow MYOKO back to port. Meanwhile, destroyers KASUMI and HATSUSHIMO arrive from Indochina and commence towing operations.

20 December 1944:
CD-35 arrives with kaibokan CD-25, OKINAWA and CHIBURI and replace KASUMI that is detached for Saigon.

25 December 1944:
Arrives at Singapore.

1 January 1945:
CD-35 is reassigned to the First Escort Fleet's 102nd Escort Squadron. The Squadron includes light cruiser KASHIMA (F), kaibokan CD-2, CD-34 and MIKURA.

5 January 1945:
At 0900 departs Singapore escorting convoy SHISA-33 consisting of two unidentified merchant ships.

8 January 1945:
At 1800 arrives at St Jacques.

11 January 1945:
At 1100, CD-35 departs Cape St Jacques with kaibokan CD-43, patrol boat No. 103, minesweeper W-101 and subchaser CH-31 escorting convoy SATA-05 consisting of KENSEI and TOYU MARUs, Landing Ship Transport T-149 and tankers AYAYUKI, KOSHIN and EIHO MARUs. In the evening, T-149 finds the heavy seas too dangerous. She is detached from the convoy and returns to St Jacques.

12 January 1945: Operation "Gratitude"- Task Force 38's Strikes on Indochina:
Off Cape Paderan, Indochina. Aircraft of Vice Admiral (Admiral posthumously) John S. McCain's (USNA í06) Task Force 38 attack SATA-05 and sink the entire convoy. CD-35 goes down at 11-10N, 108-55E after receiving three direct bomb hits with 69 hands. A few survivors reach the shore after a 4-hour swim and are later transferred to Saigon.

10 March 1945:
Removed from the Navy List.

Thanks to Mr. Gilbert Casse of France.

-Bob Hackett and Peter Cundall

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