(Type C Escort by Takeshi Yuki scanned from "Color Paintings of Japanese Warships")

IJN Escort CD-219:
Tabular Record of Movement

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Revision 4

2 September 1944:
Osaka. Laid down at Naniwa Dock, Ltd.

30 November 1944:
Launched and numbered CD-219.

5 January 1945:
Reserve Lt Kubota Yoshiharu (former CO of CH-47) is appointed Chief Equipping Officer.

25 January 1945:
Completed and registered in the IJN. Reserve Lt Kubota Yoshiharu is the Commanding Officer.

22 March 1945:
At 0400, CD-219 departs Tomie, Goto Islands for Ishigaki-Jima with kaibokan CD-22, CD-215 and auxiliary minesweepers TOSHI MARU No. 7 and HIMESHIMA MARUs escorting convoy SAI-05 consisting of DORYO, TAKASAKI, SEIGA and KASHIMA MARUs and NISSHO MARU No. 1.

23 March 1945:
87 miles NNW of Naha, Okinawa. At 1713, LtCdr William J. Germershausen's (USNA '35) USS SPADEFISH (SS-411) torpedoes and sinks DORYO MARU carrying a unit of IJA troops and 28 "Shinyo" explosive motor boats. The kaibokan counter-attack SPADEFISH and drop 52 depth charges, but SPADEFISH evades with only slight damage. 262 Navy passengers, 39 crewmen, 21 guards are KIA. 28 EMBs and some Daihatsu barges are also lost.

25 March 1945:
At 2100 CD-219 arrives at Sasebo.

25 April 1945:
At 1700 departs Hikin Do with OKI and CD-25 and submarine chaser CH-19 escorting convoy MO-705 part 2 consisting of KOCHO, GYOSHI (ex Dutch REAEL), HENGSHAN, GAKUJO, KAIJUN and TOYU MARUs, YORO MARU No. 2 and tanker RYUEI MARU No. 3.

26 April 1945:
Arrives at Chinkai.

24 May 1945:
CD-215 and CD-219 arrive at Ominato.

25 May 1945:
CD-215 and CD-219 depart Ominato escorting Ri convoy consisting only of transport UKISHIMA MARU.

26 May 1945:
The convoy arrives at Otaru.

27 May 1945:
At 0500 CD-215 and CD-219 depart Otaru escorting Ri convoy still consisting only of transport UKISHIMA MARU.

30 May 1945:
At 1700 arrives at Kataoka bay (ETA).

1 June 1945:
At 1600 transport UKISHIMA MARU departs Kataoka bay in Ri convoy (return) escorted by kaibokan CD-215 and CD-219. The convoy sails at 12 knots.

3 June 1945:
Sea of Okhotsk. At 2054, UKISHIMA MARU is attacked by a submarine at 46-42N,145-28E, but avoids the torpedo and counter-attacks with depth charges.

5 June 1945:
At 0630 arrives at Otaru, Hokkaido. CD-219 arrives later at 1730.

6 June 1945:
At 1900 the convoy departs Otaru.

7 June 1945:
At 1530 arrives at Ominato.

12/13 July 1945:
CD-219 is part of an ASW hunter-killer group together with CD-65 and minesweeper W-24. That night, the ASW group proceeds southward off northeastern Honshu near Kamaishi.

13 July 1945:
At around 0100, Reserve LtCdr James L. Hunnicut's USS CARP (SS-338) fires two Mark 18-2 torpedoes, one Mark 18-1 torpedo, and one Mark 28 passive homing torpedo (code-named DOGY) at CD-219, which Hunnicut misidentifies as a minesweeper. The three Mark 18 torpedoes miss, but the homing torpedo is attracted to the noise made by CD-219ís propulsion system. It hits CD-219 and explodes. The kaibokan sinks quickly will all hands near 39-20N, 142-18E. The other two ASW vessels hear explosions seaward and proceed there to investigate, but all they find is some floating debris.

15 September 1945:
Removed from the Navy List.

Authors' Note:
Thanks go to the late Cdr John Alden, USN-Ret, Erich Muehlthaler of Germany and Sander Kingsepp for new information on the sinking of CD-219 by USS CARP. Thanks also to Mr. Gilbert Casse of France for general assistance and Mr. Sander Kingsepp of Estonia for identifying COs.

-Bob Hackett and Peter Cundall

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