(1TM Standard Merchant Tanker )

Tabular Record of Movement

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21 June 1943:
Yokohama. Laid down at Mitsubishi Shipbuilding as a 5,136 ton 1TM Wartime Standard Merchant Tanker for Nitto Kisen K. K.

28 September 1943:
Launched and named BOKUEI MARU.

31 October 1943:
Completed and requisitioned by the IJN.

18 November 1943:
Listed as the 28th Naval (AO) oil transport ship.

4 December 1943:
Departs Sasebo for Singapore.

5 December 1943:
BOKUEI MARU joins the second echelon of convoy HI-23 consisting of tankers ITSUKUSHIMA, TATEKAWA MARUs and naval tankers SUNOSAKI and OSE.

7 December 1943:
Near Takao. BOKUEI MARU shifts to the first echelon of convoy HI-23 consisting of tankers OMUROSAN, ICHIU, RYUEI, ASASHIO MARU, fleet tanker TAKASAKI and transports NOSHIRO and AKI MARU escorted by destroyer NAMIKAZE from Moji. Tankers GOYO and ICHIYO MARUs join at Takao. Three unknown ships are detached. The escort is also augmented by kaibokan KANJU from Takao.

10 December 1943:
Arrives at St Jacques. The convoy is dissolved. BOKUEI MARU probably departs for Singapore that same day.

12 December 1943:
Arrives at Singapore.

19 December 1943:
At 1200, BOKUEI MARU departs Singapore for Moji in convoy HI-24 consisting of passenger/cargo ships ASAHI, ASAHISAN and TERUKUNI MARUs, cargo liner ARABIA MARU and oilers RYUEI, GOYO and ASASHIO MARUs escorted by kaibokan KANJU.

28 December 1943:
Arrives at Takao. RYUEI, GOYO and ASAHISAN MARUs are detached.

29 December 1943:
Departs Takao for Moji in convoy HI-24.

Est.30 December 1943:
TERUKUNI MARU joins convoy from Kirun.

1 January 1944:
Registered in the IJN and attached to the Yokosuka Naval district as an auxiliary transport ship (oil supply) in (Otsu) Category under internal order No. 16.

4 January 1944:
ASAHI MARU is detached for Sasebo and arrives there later that day.

W of Moji. BOKUEI MARU collides with TERUKUNI MARU and sinks at 34-04N, 130-32E. Later that day, the rest of the convoy arrives at Moji. Only one crewman is KIA.

31 March 1944:
Removed from the Navy List under internal order No. 508.

Thanks to Gilbert Casse of France.

Bob Hackett and Peter Cundall.

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