BOGOTA MARU-Class Auxiliary Submarine Tender

(Bogota entering Singapore Harbor)

BOGOTA and her nearly identical sister QUITO were completed as a cargo ships for Norddeutscher Lloyd (North German Lloyd) Line of Bremen. During the war, they served as tankers and supply vessels for German transport submarines operating in the Pacific and Indian Oceans. BOGOTA survived the war and was returned to merchant shipping, but sister QUITO was sunk by an American submarine in April 1945.

Builders and Year Completed: Schiffbau-Gesellschaft Unterweser A. G., Germany, 1938.
Displacement: 1,230-tons.
Dimensions: 249.2'' x 34.7'' x 15.4'
Propulsion: 2 x Krupp Germaniawerft AG
8-cyl. 4-stroke diesel engines 1680 PSe =effective horse power, 13 knots.
Armament: 3 x 20-mm AA guns