Awa Maru Class

(AWA MARU as a troop ship by Ueda Kihachiro)

In 1943, AWA MARU was completed for Nippon Yusen KK Line, but was requisitioned immediately by the IJA and used as a transport. In 1944, AWA MARU was selected by the Japanese to transport 2,000-tons of Red Cross parcels to Allied prisoners-of-war at Singapore and Java. After delivering the Red Cross supplies, AWA MARU, travelling under a safe passage guarantee, was returning to Japan when she was sunk mistakenly in foggy weather by an American submarine,

Builder: Mitsubishi, Nagasaki .
Year Completed: 1943
Displacement: 11,249 GRT
Dimensions: Length 497.2', beam 65.6', draft ?
Propulsion: Mitsubishi diesel engines, 2 shafts, 16,141 bhp, 20.8 knots.