(ANGELINA prewar, later ANJO MARU)

Tabular Record of Movement

© 2010-2013 Bob Hackett and Peter Cundall

E 1930:
Amsterdam, Netherlands. Laid down at van Nederlandsche Dok en Scheepsbouw Maatschappij as yard No. 38, a 2,311-ton tanker for the Nederlandsch Indische Tankstoomboot (N.I.T.) Maatschappij lines of the Hague. [1]

11 April 1931:
Launched and named ANGELINA.


Dutch East Indies. In service with N.I.T.

8 December 1941:
The commander of the Goevernementsmarine (GM), on behalf of Dutch East Indies Governor-General Alidius W. L. Tjarda van Starkenborgh-Stachouwer, militarizes ANGELINA and some other ships and they become part of the Royal Netherlands Navy (RNN).

2 March 1942:
Off Surabaya, Java. ANGELINA is scuttled by her crew and sunk to avoid capture by the invading Japanese.

23 July 1943:
Surabaya. ANGELINA is refloated by the Japanese and repaired by the IJN’s 102nd Repair Unit at Surabaya Naval Base. Renamed ANJO MARU and placed in IJN service. [2]

22 March 1944:
At 0745, ANJO MARU departs Tarakan, Borneo for Balikpapan in a convoy consisting of NANSUSAN, SEITO and SHONAN MARUs escorted by patrol boat PB-102 (ex-USS STEWART, DD-224) and subchaser CH-4.

24 March 1944:
At 1150, arrives at Balikpapan.

14 September 1944:
Departs Balikpapan for Manila.

28 September 1944:
South China Sea, off Mindoro. At 0540, LtCdr (later KIA) Lawrence L. Edge’s (USNA '35) USS BONEFISH (SS-223) sights a heavily laden tanker escorted by two unidentified “destroyers”. Using radar bearings, Edge fires four bow torpedoes and gets two hits fore and aft on the tanker. BONEFISH's crew hears and feels the hits. Edge, running on the surface, tracks the target whose speed falls off rapidly, but the escorts force him to retire. At 0610, ANJO MARU sinks at 13-13N, 120-04E. 17 crewmen are KIA.

Author's Note:
[1] N.I. T. (Netherlands Indies Tank Steamboat Co.) was founded in 1904 for inter-island traffic in the Dutch East Indies.

[2] Although data on this vessel are sparse, researcher Peter Cundall of Australia is of the opinion that after TOEN MARU was lost in March 1943, ANJO MARU replaced her on oil supply runs from Surabaya to Balikpapan, Tarakan, Kau Bay, Ambon and Kendari, returning to Surabaya.

- Bob Hackett and Peter Cundall

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