ANAN MARU - Class Auxiliary Transport

(Launching of ENIDTOWN, later ANAN MARU Peter Cundall collection)

ANAN MARU was completed as ENIDTOWN in 1938 for Brook Shipping Co. Ltd., London. Sold to Manila Steamship Co. Inc, Manila, Philippines in Nov 38 and renamed CETUS in 1940. She was scuttled in Jan 42 and subsequently refloated by the Japanese and renamed ANAN MARU. Registered in the IJN in Jan 43 as an auxiliary transport, she survived the war and was released to her former owners and again renamed ANAKAN. Sold to Madrigal Shipping Co. Inc., Manila and renamed REGULUS in 1949, she sank during a storm in Nov 49.

Builder and Year Completed: Deest, Netherlands. N.V. Scheepswerf Gebroeder Van der Werf.
Gross tonnage: 795-tons.
Dimensions: 191.9' (Lpp) x 28.9' x 11.8'
Propulsion: One diesel engine, one shaft, 127 nhp.
Speed: Unknown.
Armament: Unknown