Japanese Naval Ordnance

5.5"/50 caliber

(Scanned from Campbell, "Naval Weapons of World War II")

There were two distinct versions of this weapon; a 1914 (3rd Year Type), and a 1922 (11th Year Type). The 11th Year Type was mounted aboard submarines, wheras the 3rd Year Type was employed on board surface ships only. These latter included single mounts aboard the Ise and Nagato-class battleships (casemates), the carrier Hosho, the Tatsuta, Kuma, Nagara, and Naka-class light cruisers (in open-backed single turrets), and other smaller vessels. In addition, the Yubari carried this weapon in both a dual and a single mount, and these dual mounts were also employed aboard the Kashima-class training (later rated as light) cruisers, the seaplance carrier Nisshin, and various minelayers. It was also widely employed as a coast defence weapon.

Bore5.5 inches
Weight5.6 tons
Length OA284.8 inches
Weight Projectile83.3 lbs.
Muzzle Velocity2805 ft/s
Max. Elevation+30/-7 degrees (+35/-5 in Kashima)
Max. Range21,600 yards
Rate of Fire6/min